03 rm250 transmission question

Hey everyone


I was just rebuilding my bottom end, when I pulled the cases the transmission came apart, wasnt able to see how it went together. So I went online and printed off some of the parts schematics to put everything in order. So it went into all the gears fine when the case halves were apart. I put them together and now it will only shift one gear.


Now I'm wondering if Suzuki is like my kawi(streetbike) where it will only shift into 1 or neutral without it running/moving? trying to find out if its okay before i fully put it all back together and have to tear it down again





It should shift into all of the gears. It's tough to find each one without the shift pawl "clicking" the drum into alignment and takes some finesse. If not, something is not lining up correctly.


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Are you turning the gearshaft by hand while you shift? It won't shift statically through the gears, the tranny needs to be spinning.

Got it figured out i cleaned out the whole crankcase. Which lead to everything being a little stiff, so I oiled some of the parts which allowed the gears/forks to slide and let it go through he gears.

Glad you got it!

thanks for the help though

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