Did I screw my bike?

I did a couple free mods. Removed the baffle and drilled 2 holes in the air box. I then re jetted. Bike is now dumping gas out the drainage line from the carb and seems to be running a little hot. Were any of these mods done wrong or something? I may just be paranoid and think its overheating. Not sure

OK, what bike?

Sounds like a stuck float if you are dumping gas out the overflow

2003 Honda xr100r.

It is also not idling properly. You have to rev it a good bit or it bogs down and cuts off.which leads me to think its the floats like pre mix said.Is the air box mod I did somehow depriving air from the intake?

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Sounds like a stuck float if you are dumping gas out the overflow


And once you get float checked, check temp. If too hot , recheck jetting.

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if you are dumping gas out of the carb its going to run rich and shitty, fix your needle/seat make sure its assembled right

My guess. Your new jetting is making it burn hot. And your floats are stuck. Put your jetting back and clean your carb. Youll be fine

As others have said, the gas coming out the overflow line is a stuck float.


If the bike really is running hot (how do you know?) then it's too lean after opening up the intake. What jetting changes did you make?


FYI, removing the baffle from your stock pipe won't do jack except make the bike louder. Not only will it not improve performance, it will result in a loss of low-end torque. Either put the damn baffle back in or buy an aftermarket exhaust that's correctly engineered to improve flow.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll mess with it tomorrow and see if I can get it going.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll mess with it tomorrow and see if I can get it going.


not to put you down.


float stuck is probably that issue and jets making it hot


FREE MODS are worthless and will not do you any good.



I know the float height setting for several of the small
Keihin carbs on older Hondas is 20mm (0.787").


However, I do NOT know whether this value is appropriate
for your 2003 Honda XR100R.  A service manual for
your model will tell you or perhaps someone here will
volunteer the value.


The position of the carb is important when checking the
float height setting.


If set with the carb upside down, the weight of the float
may compress the pin plunger in the needle valve and
lead the level to be set higher than intended.


Instead, hold the carb with the inlet/aircleaner side up
and the outlet/manifold side down.  This position enables
the float to rest against but not compress the pin in the


Check height of the float 'tanks' on both sides.  An 'L'-shaped
gauge made to size out of cardboard or plastic or a tool
like the #444 "Depth/Angle Gage" by General Tool will help
get the job done quickly, accurately and inexpensively.


Check local hardware stores for the General gage



I reassembled the carb. Runs like a champ now and no gas coming out the overflow. Thanks for the help y'all.

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