2000 XR600 carb settings, valve clearances

Hello everybody.  I'm new to the forum.  Just purchased a cherry 2000 600R.  Low hours on it.  Havn't ridden it in the Tenneessee hills and woods yet, just around my yard and the carb needs work.  Wanting to check valves and do carb work this weekend.  Haven't got a service manual yet.  Can anyone help with suggestions for jetting, carb settings and valve clearances with stock engine and exhaust.  Whoever had it before didn't do me any favors by jacking around with the carb.

Thanks, Charlie

Welcome aboard Charlie. I just reentered the XR600 world and bought my brother's super low mile 99 XR. Could not be happier...


If the pipe is stock, I'd stick with stock jetting or a little higher.

Try a 155  Main, 68 Pilot, 2 1/2 Turns on air screw (that's a little more jetting than stock, so you can go down if it's too rich)


Valves are:

Intake = .004"
Exhaust = .005"


While carb is being tinkered with, check the float height (14.5mm I believe) and you may want to add in an aftermarket choke plate.

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Thanks for the input.  I had a 97 XR400 for a few years but got rid of it 3 yrs ago.  Big mistake.  Had that one set up perfect.  But I let friends talk me into something they claimed was better.  2000 Husky TE410.  Never felt nearly as comfortable on it.  It was a great bike but the XR just fit me.  Hope to replicate the feeling with the 600.  Thanks again.  Will post later results.

Thanks again.  Charlie

CHoice of pilot jet is a compromise between crisp jetting for low RPM riding and rich low end jetting to minimize the bog on acceleration.  I swapped among #62, #65, and #68. 

Certainly get rid of the stock choke plate if it has one in it..Far to many snap off and get ingested into engines causing

serious damage. It's a serious issue with the 600s and needs addressing asap..I wouldn't leave it to do at your leisure.

Extract it and replace it with a homemade more solid one or buy a pre-made job from XRsOnly..

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