CR250 1989 Questions

Hi there

  I am new to the forum, I have not used forums for several years so I would like to come on here and hopefully get some help with my 89 cr!

I have owned many bikes, and as a youth I owned a cr80 and a rm125 to name a few.


More recently I am involved more in the vintage bike scene, and recently I have made myself a BSA 500cc single from autojumbe/ebay parts.


So recently I thought I would get another crosser.



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Thats a picture of the bike there ^^^



I thought I would ask a couple of questions and maybe get some help.


First question is regarding the vin


I am in the UK and the vin on the frame is HM ME03-21033xx

between the numbers is these squares with crosses in them


engine is

ME 03E etc


All the vin refs i found online say it should be JH2 or somehting like that or K


So seems my frame number is a bit strange. Can anyone enlighten me??



Also one of the 6 clutch basket bolts is snapped off, I have seen replacement baskets but they look smooth where the bolts go in, whereas the honda one is

not. Which years are compatible with the 89cr? are there many compatible baskets?


I have had the bike running, goes well, but for some reason when it wants to run it starts first kick, but sometimes it decides it doesent want to run and it is as dead as a dodo.

it has good spark, carb is clean, fuel is going in, seems strange how it dies like that.

Thanks for any help

heres another picture

the exhaust is in bad shape, and the forks leak. but the piston and mains/big end are good


I have some more pics somewhere, ill dig them out

I have a similar dodo problem with my 1988 CR250. While riding last weekend it shut off when coasting down a hill.. wouldn't start even after towing it for a mile trying to roll start it.. I dumped it on its side, then it fired right up and ran like a top.


I cleaned the carb out when I got home and found the float level was way way too high.. if you tipped the bike much at all fuel would spill out the overflow. I am thinking maybe it was flooding the motor sometimes. It starts right up now, so I will find out next time I ride if it worked out. Did you check the floats? I cleaned out the petcock too just to make sure, it was full of jet-clogging junk.


Im not sure what your question is on the VIN number. is that causing a problem?

Hi there

   yea i will have a look at the float level, good one


re the vin, its for the perpose of buying spares, I wanted to see if i had some sort of model variation with the wierd vin.

as i understand it it should say rk or something like that, but it does not which is wierd.


VIN numbers start with JH2. The J is for Japan, the H is for Honda, and the 2 is for motorcycle.


The ME03 is an engine number, so I'd bet your engine number is what you are seeing on the frame. The vin for the bike can't be ME03 because when you decode that it wouldn't make any sense.

yes thats the strange thing,

I have the engine number which is meo3e

but yea on the frame its

HM MEO3-21xxxxx


there are squares with crosses in between the gaps to bring it up to 16 characters

I don't know what the deal is there.


As for finding parts, you should just be able to look up "1989 CR250" and that would be correct. The pic of your bike looks exactly like the US CR 250 for that year. 1988 and 1990 bikes were different, so 1989 would be correct for your bike.

yea cool

seems its just a wierd vin then


Hey bud, if you need any help just ask!


Careful you don't buy any 88 donors as almost nothing goes on! 90 either!

I recently traded a POS raptor 660 for an 89 cr 250, and can't find a service manual anywhere, does anyone have a PDF? Also what is the fork oil capacity? And what is the recommended jetting for a vented air box twin lair filter and an Fmf gnarly pipe?

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