San Diego Mechanic needed for my one-piece engine!

I seized my 95 XR 600. Anyone know of someone who may be interested in getting this thing going in San Diego? If not, any suggestions on an engine or parts in So. Cal?


Drive a little, save a lot.

Take it to Rob Barnum at

His shop is in Phelan, near Victorville in the high desert. His rates are excellent, and he knows that motor well. If its just to far away, bring the bike to me in San Clemente by Wendsday--I am heading up to Robs to pick up my re-laced rear wheel on Thursday-will drop it off for ya.

Doing it this way will save you some serious cash-and you will end up with a better motor...


I took my 95 600 motor to 2 places that seemed to do good work. The first time I screwed up the motor, sand got by the filter. I took it to a small shop that someone recommended called KB motorsports in San Marcos. They work on cars and sometimes do bike work. Most of the employees had and at the time loved 600's and they seemed to know a lot about them. Price was fair but not cheap, she ran pretty strong after that. A year are so later I damaged a shifting fork so I took the bike to Precision Concepts, these guys know the XR well and the bike ran strong (got it ported and freshened up) until I sold it. There prices are about the same as most shops. I also know a guy who does work out of his garage and his prices are great, maybe close to half what a shop would charge. He re-did a friend of mine's 600 and it ran fine for at least a year that I know about. I will say he does a lot more 2 smoke work and had to consult the manual for the XR rebuild. I can look him up though it has been 2 years since he rebuilt my CR but i am sure he is still around.

What were you doing that you seized it??? :)

i know of a guy, professional mechanic, who jus overhauled his xr600. his name is keith lynas, great guy, does work for motoworld.

619 670 8966

These guys are real close to my crib. Any feedback from other TT's that have used MAD Racing? I never knew anything about them one way or another.

Thanks guys. I'll start making some calls. From talking to the reference on the first reply, it sounds as though I sent 3rd gear pieces into the counter balance at a lovely high RPM. I'll see what these shops have to say and keep looking for a used motor.

Thanks again.

I have used Rob Barnum's for motor and suspension work and I can tell you he is superb; in addition he is a TTer!!! I fully recommend Rob for your motor work.

Not only that but Irondude will take your bike up!!! what a great guy, that is what TT is all about. :)

I'm also a fan of Rob's expert services along with his prices. He's also a ThumperTalk partner and he built the ThumperTalk race bike. He builds engines from mild to wild with reliability in mind. He's been in this business for a very long time as a professional mechanic, a R&D specialist for various large off road companies, testing bikes for magazines, building engines for other pro racers, etc, plus he has a long time professional race career which gives him the first hand experience to know what works and what doesn't to win races. Rob's recently been focusing a little more on his business and less on racing from what I know, but he decided to race the Code/Record 275 in Mexico just recently and won 1st place :).

yes Rob race the code/record 275 race and took first place in the open pro class. I should know, I handed the bike to him in 5th or 6th overall and by the time he gave me the bike back by Borrego heading to San Felipe the bike was fisically in 1st place!!! thanks Rob. the bike, suspension and the full race set-up with radio comminication was awsome. :)

I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but I'm curious about Baja Rudy. Rudy did you spend some time at night with a guy on KTM and a broken YZF while prerunning for the 2003 1000?


yes that is me. :)

I remember you guys with the broken case on the blue berry and then the broken chain on the pumpkin during the baja 1000 prerun... what a night. the next day ride from Catavina to Ensenada was another big one full of nice baja terrain... I finished sometime around 2am (monday) back in San Ysidro CA. remember I pre-run the baja 1000 from San Ysidro to San Ysidro (solo) in two full days. :D

and the ride from San Ysidro to Ojos negros is 110 miles of dirt. just the way I like it.

Good to hear from you. Yeah, we thought we were biting off a lot prerunning 300 miles that day, but when you told us what you were doing ours looked pretty easy.

Thanks again for sharing your headlight for the last 50 miles of that section. We picked up our buddy at the bottom of the course that night and then hit a cow with the truck South of Catavina. Baja adventure!


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