Cheap Air/Fuel Screw Driver

If you had a kouba T-handle you wouln't need a screw driver, may cost more but worth every penny.

Hey Guys,

I stopped by a local Harbor Freight store today and found a screwdriver that is perfect for adjusting your air/fuel screw.

I paid 0.49 cents for one and they have them listed on there web site for a $1.99 for two (different sizes).

Anyway click here for a picture and description of the screwdriver.

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I found those litle screwdrivers sometime ago too and they work really good, especially at $.49 :) But since I got my Kouba, I would never use one again! :D

Keep Roostin'


Im hearing so much about this kouba t-handle. Anyone have a pic!!! Everyone talks like it's gods gift to yz's



the kouba is press fit onto the fuel screw. It will not fall off. To adjust, either lean over to adjust or hop off your bike. I fumbled w/ my stupid little screwdriver too. There IS NO comparison!!

Okay , Okay, how can i get one. :)


can always try an electicians "flat" driver cut in half, bang the alloy cap that none of us use off of a spark plug, on top. grind a slight flat face on the shaft, fit a block connector.

it fits the PS to perfection, tells you exactly how far you've turned the screw and i got the screwdriver for free and the block connector for 15 cents.

i spent the money i saved on a holiday to ibeza.



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