Funny Hare Scramble Stories

Tell me some of your funny hare scramble/motocross stories! There's gotta be a ton of them out there. Don't be shy, we're all friends here!

Third race of mine, I got 4th out of the first corner. Was going good for about 15 seconds then there was a weird uphill off camber turn that I didnt expect and washed out the front end. Picked up the bike, Hill too steep to push and throttle up, feet slip and drop the bike AGAIN. ENTIRE class passes. Fml.


First race of mine, I was so nervous, anxious. Jittery as all get out. Got a bad start and am tight as a banjo string on the bike. Went off the trail a bit, Wheelied over a log and my back tire fell into a 3 ft random hole. I put my feet down not thinking, and they were on the outside of the hole. I gave it too much throttle to get outta the hole and the bike literally launches 5 feet in the air and rolls through the forest so I have to run after it while its in 1st gear just putting along til it falls over.

Unfortunately I can't find it. but there's a helmet cam video of a HS newbie who launches with the row in front of him, loses control with a wild wheelie, and heads back toward his own line totally out of control...

Local Desert race (GP), just as we get our gear on, they call for the parade lap to view the track/trail (pre-run).  My bike is cold as I hadn't started it yet.  The pack begins to leave as I fire it up.  I start rolling along toward the back of the pack.  About 50 yards outside the pits where we started, we cross a small wash that's about 3 feet wide by around 2 feet deep.  I watch as some power the front tire over it and some just ride through it.  My bike is cold still so I ride through.  As I crack the throttle to power out, the bike stumbles and then power surges lofting my front tire straight into the air as I fall off the back and attempt to run behind it.  I finally give up and let it go.


I'm glad my helmet was on so nobody could see just how red my face was.



it was my very first race and i was so nervous and there was about 20 people in my c class.  i wheelied on the start and just let go of the bike and fell down.   than i dnf on the second moto. not a very good night.

On my very first hare scramble, I was pretty nervous and didn't know what to expect. It was a really hot humid day and I didn't realize how much hotter it was going to be in the woods. I decided to wear my hockey shoulder pads thinking they would be light and protect well but I didn't think about how little they were ventilated. I made it through 3 laps before I started feeling light headed and sick to my stomach and crashed in a muddy whooped out section, face first. I got up and tried to get back on my bike realizing I was overheating and had to get out of the woods quick. I managed to ride out to the timing line where I stopped, told them I was done and proceeded to fall over and start puking at the flaggers feet... Yes...I wanted to die at that Great first race for me!

I watched a buddy race his first race 10+ years ago, he was so nervous. Sharted halfway through 2nd moto and finished the race.





I forgot to turn my gas on one time. Made it past the first turn and bike died. Took me a few seconds to figure out what was wrong lol

Last race, I must have practice starting my bike 10 times on the first kick sitting at the line.  Flag drops, bike won't start everyone else takes off.

It was the last race of the GNCC series and I was racing the 85 12-15 class. On about the third lap and I lost my kickstarter and push started my yz 85 a few times. It was Gnarly and awesome. That was my last race on that bike now i'm riding a crf 250.

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Last race, I must have practice starting my bike 10 times on the first kick sitting at the line. Flag drops, bike won't start everyone else takes off.

That has happened to me before. Always starts easy during practice. Once the flag drops, it's a different story.

My first race, my arms and hands were about numb as they could be. I couldn't even pull in my clutch. After while, I have learned to stay loose.

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