06 stock muffler repack ?

I'm in the process of repacking my stock 06 muffler for the 1st time. I've watched a few vids to get an idea. I drilled the rivets out from the header side and got the core out but there seems to be some separate packing material in the endcap. It looks like half of it came out with the muffler packing and the other half is stuck in there. Should I just drill the endcap rivets and pop endcap off & clean that out? And is there a different type of packing that goes in there or do I just wrap the core with the new packing and stuff it back in there? Also, can I get some type of sheetmetal screws to seal it back up or should I rivet it? Thx

take out ALL the old packing from the body & the endcap, clean body & tube very well, put in new packing, use high temp RTV silicone gasket maker & aluminum pop rivets, not sheet metal screws.  I wrap masking tape around each end of the packing to aide reassembly.  rivets must be drilled out or the heads ground off to be removed

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