desert enduro

As the title says I ride enduro with a club in the California desert.  Most of our trials are pretty rocky and tight with sand and the occasional speedy section with desert whoops.  I currently ride a 2002 CR250 2 stroke. I'm thinking about a newer bike.  I'm about 6'2", and have my CR set up pretty tall with Windham bars and enduro engineering risers.  My dad has a 2012 KTM 450 xc-w which I have now ridden enough to be familiar with, and have decided that it is probably not the right choice for me.  I love the motor, and the light feel,  but the chasis feels cramped while standing despite the fact that he has bar risers on it and has them forward.  I end up sitting a lot when I would rather be, standing.  I also am not in love with the handling, though this is far less of an issue than the fit.  The front end will not recover if knocked off line the way my cr does, and though I think that maybe this could be a suspension setup thing, dad is about the same size and has tuned the suspension to his satisfaction so I have my doubts.  I have thought that a CRF450x might be good for me, but there are a lot of reviews that suggest taller guys shy away from them.  Does anyone have any first hand experience with the feel of the 450x vs a CR like mine? I thought that the WRs were supposed to feel big but I have read reviews suggesting otherwise, opinions on this?  Other suggestons for a 450 (or similar) electric start, green sticker (California thing for those who don't know) off road bike that feels big and handles well?

I can tell you that my 2003 CR125 feels pretty much like my 2006 CRF450R ergos-wise. The CR is a little narrower in the waist. I have Fastway pegs set to low position and tall bars with aftermarket triples set to the forward position to make standing more comfortable.


I have never been a fan of KTM ergos, seems like the pegs are too far forward. This makes standing kind of awkward.


I'm a big fan of Hondas, they have always fit me very well and felt nicely balanced.

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