pit bike help. not sure what i got

So, i bought a pit bike under the impression that it was an orion. After many pix and e-mails to orion about needing a stator cover. They said its a copy of their bike.

I googled alot and found a pic of a thumpstar bike with an identicle motor. Jialing 124cc.The case looks exactly like mine. So i e-mailed thumpstar and they asked if i went onto ebay. I said "yes, but no covers on there were right". Then they never got back to me.

What do i have? Vin # LAAJCJLD261031345

Dude I'm clueless. Good luck.

Maybe there's no point in me posting this. Oh well. Here it goes!!

Yep, its a pit bike.

If t's a copy of their bike, and the cases are the same, the covers should be too, correct?

sorry, i was at work and my phone was giving me issues on pix lol. heres pix00I0I_cDRJNgEkHYt_600x450.jpgIMG_20140503_172254.jpgIMG_20140503_172415.jpgIMG_20140503_172302.jpgIMG_20140503_172330.jpgIMG_20140503_172337.jpgIMG_20140503_172425.jpg




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can you see why i need the new case? lol. IMG_20140503_172238.jpgIMG_20140503_172225.jpgIMG_20140428_134916.jpg

Yours is not a Jailing 125. The cylinder looks a lot like one and may be the same, but the Jailing 125 clutch arm comes out the top of the case behind the clutch area.

Nothing a little JB weld won't fix. And a miracle.

so, nobody has any idears? :(


i built a plate and am filling in some of it with jb. will post pix this weekend when i get back to the shop. i found this pic on another pitbike site, and people were calling this a jialing motor and i saw the thumpstar on the case. and the block says 124cm and so did the motor in the picture. so, i put 2+2 and got 22.


Your clutch lever on the case looks more like a Lifan 125 to me. You can't tell by the basic look of the cylinder. I have a Lifan head on a Jailing 125 motor. Keep in mind that Tbolt sells both the Lifan 125 and the Jailing (SSR) new for $300. If your top end has more than 25 hrs on it, you might be wiser to buy a new motor. All Honda pattern motors up to the YX 140cc will bolt right in.

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