Just bought a 2013 250X, just have a couple questions

First of all, I love the bike. Lots of power and speed when riding dirt roads, and loads of fun in the sand pits and woods trails. I've been looking at some posts of this site and other forums, and I'm just wondering if you guys think I should install a jet kit in the bike. Ive heard nothing but good about the JD Jetting kit, just looking for some opinions from you guys. Also do you guys think its necessary to cut the top off the air box like I've seen a lot of you guys talking about. Once I get 15 or so hours on the motor id like to get a full exhaust system. What would you guys recommend? And also I've seen someone say you should move your in line fuel filter down closer to the carb to avoid squatting if the bike is tipped over, can anyone give me some more info on that? Maybe post a pic or show me where I can find a pic? Sorry for all the questions guys but this site seems like a great place to get info on these bikes. 


Thanks a million  guys for any help or advice  :thumbsup:

I suggest reading Rick Ramsey's CRF250X site. 


Also read some of the threads on this forum and the links in the sticky.


The biggest issue is carb set up and then the airbox, but both should probably be done together. My airbox isn't full CCC, just some extra holes in the top, the full cut out makes the airbox vulnerable to water ingestion. IMO changing the  exhaust isn't needed unless; you are converting to a track bike, you want more noise, or you like spending money on bling.


I don't think it makes any difference where in the fuel line the filter is located, all of the fuel line is below the fuel level in the tank when the bike is being ridden, and gas flows downhill.

i have got the same year bike bought it new last year its on here under crf250x 2013 more power.it will all depend on how far you want to go with the modifications.if your just going to what i would call derestrict the bike then unclip the firescreen that makes it rev better try blowing through it with your hand the other side.cut the top of the airbox i did mine in situ with a stanley knife and just cut round the snorkel frame gives you a hole about 4 by 6 inches i dont get any problems with water and only a very small amount of dust in the airbox just clean and oil your air filter every time which is good practice.the fmf full exhaust is good and very durable mine has taken a lot of knocks and its still fine.and lasty dont guess your jetting get the bike set up on a dyno properly it makes such a difference these bikes are so weak as standard which is why i think the valves have a problem.do these mods and you should have approx 30bhp and the bike will pull a lot stronger and your valves will last longer.

could I just remove the fire screen and leave the air box cover as is? I don't think there is any where around here I can get my bike on a dyno, so I'm pretty much just left with other peoples opinions/ experiences. Thanks for the help guys 

I don't know about the X but other Hondas show no power increase by removing the screen, and it does protect the filter from a backfire.  Might be OK for track riding but I don't want to risk an air filter fire out in the woods since I don't pack fire extinguishers.

The JD Jet kit is a must, as well as opening up the airbox, it has to breathe, stock it is strangled.  A total FMF system is also a good buy. My plan is SS megabomb, and Q4,  I usually cut most of the top of the airbox off, install a wire screen, with a flat foam lightly oiled filter on top.  I change or clean the top filter daily.  The bike stock is way too lean, you need to richen it up, but not too much, you want snap power not roll on power.  If your airbox whistles a tad you did it right.

Right now the bike only has 100 kms on it. Would you reccomend I break in the motor before installing the jet kit?

After 10hrs on motor, oil change and new jets. Another fun tip, use a cap full or two stroke mixed in fuel, top end lubrication

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Thanks for the tip bud, how often would you reccomend changing the tranny fluid

I change my tranny oil every 2nd engine oil change (20 hrs). If I've ridden alot of technical riding were I felt I abused the clutch a bit I change it sooner. Been using Maxima MTL 85w gear oil since new, 120 hrs later and my clutch and gear box are still like new.

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Sounds good buddy thanks. Once I get 10 or so hours on the bike and I install the jet kit, would you guys go ahead and put on the exhaust than as well?

Different exhaust is of limited benefit to an X unless your doing  an upgrade to R specs, at that point I would just buy a R for the lighter weight and a close ratio gear box. So my suggestion is like others, rejet and do some of the CCC mods and see how you like the chnage in performance.

Did the rejet, already has a 42 pilot so i swapped out the main jet to a 158 and did the airbox mod, left the screen in but might be persuaded to remove it aswell as pinkwire mod to change the power curve

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