2001 CR250 Rear Wheel Bearing issue

My rear wheel (brake side) bearing has stopped spinning smoothly only a few weeks after having installed it correctly. This problem has occurred twice now. The rubber seals seem to be in good shape and I have made sure the bearings are well greased before riding. I have been using brake cleaner to clean my wheel hub and bearings... Is using brake cleaner okay on bearings? Is there something better? Should I be removing the bearing seal and cleaning/greasing the inside often? 

Odds are the brake cleaner is disolving the grease running your bearings dry

Just covering the basics here but are you using water proof grease? If not, that could be part of it as well. I do agree with Jtrain too

Does it feel tight but smooth or rought with hard spots? Once you take the seal out it will never seal right again and makes the bearing susceptible to contamination . I keep the axle dust seals in good shape and dont pressure wash or the bearing area and I many many years of life out of wheel bearings with the original grease. I ride I. California though and there is not much mud or water .and as mentioned already keep solvents away

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Yeah that part is in place, however it's not totally secured in the hub... There is a tiny amount of play side to side. The bearing has totally seized up now. I'm thinking the rubber seal needs to be replaced even though is looks okay, I didn't replace the seals the second time I installed new bearings; they seem to fit loosely now. Could I redeem the bearing if i was to open the bearing seal and re-grease/clean?

New everything with double sealed bearings. Period! Do it right ONCE.

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