Who knows how to adjust valves?


I have a 85 Honda XR200 and have called around to see who can adjust valves on my bike and no one will touch out due to the she of it, I know nothing about how to do it and not very confident in doing it myself. So I was wondering if you guys know someone who can help me?

Thank you in advance.

Um.. could you clarify what you mean when you say "no one will touch out due to the she of it"?

Are you asking about adjusting the valve clearances between the valve lifter cap and the cam?  You may want to give ProMotorsports a ring, they have done some good service work for me in the past and I'm sure they can deal with any valve issue you have.  They are located on the I-70 frontage road just west of Sheridan.

Goofy auto text.

I ment "no one will touch it because of the age of it. I keep hearing a weird "flutter" noise in the head on the right side of the engine and I'm thinking it could be the valves.

That "flutter" could be the cam chain.  Either loose or in need of replacement.  

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