1984 XL 200R

Hi, does anyone know if I can fit a 1984 XL200 engine into a 1986 or newer xr200 frame? I would appreciate any information anybody has. Thanks.

I suspected they would interchange, so I did an online parts search between the two engines and the main case gasket is the same part number, so the engine mount points are the same. The cylinder head top mount looks the same as well. I think it would be safe to say it would indeed bolt in.

I have tried this and there were two problems. the first is the older 200 engines have foot peg boses that interfere with the frame cradle. The bigger deal is the countershaft is a little shorter so the sprockets dont line up properly. The engine I had was an 84 xl200r and the chassis was a 93 xr200r. I was just trying to use up spares after building a cr125/xr200 long ago.

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