can your 2 stroke start in gear with the clutch in?

Hi guys, 


I put a new Barnett clutch basket in my girlfriends 2012 150sx and its great, although I have noticed recently that it wont start in gear with clutch in.

I only bought the bike a few months ago and can't remember if we could start in gear before i swapped the clutch baskets, 


Is this normal? i have raced YZ's before and they start in gear, my 450 starts in gear with a big enough kick too so i figured a little 150 2 stroke would start easy in gear.......


Cheers guys



If you hold in the clutch and kill the bike, don't release the clutch, will the bike start in gear?? That's wut I do for racing dead engine starts.

I prefer my clutch adjusted so I can slip it with one finger if need be, and by "need be" I mean nearly all the time lol.

Maybe try bleeding the clutch line (I do my 300's clutch every 25 hrs). Even if no air leaks in the clutch line, the fluid eventually brakes down and releases gasses which must be bled.

Also adjust the clutch lever so the lever pin depresses the MC plunger a little more. Quote me and lemme know how this helps, if at all!!

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Yes, my 150 will start in gear with the clutch in.

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FWIW, my 200 with a Rekluse will not generally start in gear.  With the slightest amount of clutch drag the bike can't spin-up while it's in gear - even with the clutch in.  Once warmed up my bike may be able to start in gear.

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Ah ok, Cheers LovingOffRoadPain i'll check out the clutch level adjustment and bleed the line,

I'm new to the hydraulic clutch so never done that before!


I'll do that this weekend and let you know how i go





I can kick my 200 over in gear, but it's definitely a bit tougher than when it's in neutral.. Sometimes it will take one kick, sometimes a few kicks, sometimes I give up and put in neutral ;)


When it is in neutral though, I can start it with one kick every time.

01 200 with a slightly notched basket and it starts in gear every time. I've got a new basket just waiting a bit to replace.

Mine wont if its cold

Mine wont if its cold

put ATF in it and ill bet it would.

I can kick my 300 all day in gear, it would be a nasty situation on a hill if I couldn't. Usually on a hill, since gravity goes down hill, and dirt bikes like to follow that, I can usually leave the clutch out to let the engine keep it from rolling. all at the same time, kick, pull in the clutch, then drop it and take off.

Yep I actually parked the 450f just for that reason.The pos just would not start in gear!

So went and got a 07 ktm200xc and you know what, starts everytime in gear!

Come to think of it every 2 stroke I ever owned started in gear.

clutch plates could be warped

Ok its all sorted now, 


I bled the clutch fluid and it and there was no difference. I had a mechanic friend jump on and try and he started it in gear first kick i couldnt believe it, I was not 'blipping' the throttle as i was kicking it because i've been riding 4 strokes for so long haha, 

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