Hey guys I just saw the new act wide ratio transmission for the drz 400. I'm having Eddie do the head and having a 44 bbk and stroker put in it. Has any one ran this transmission and help alleviate the no sixth gear issue on the drz?

48 views not one comment...surely someone has had to of tried this motor/trans set up

You posted to the adv/sport touring section for street bikes. That's not where the DRZ activity happens. I'll move your post and you'll see. ;)

You'll need to look for something to alleviate the 'no-engine' issue if you sent yours to Eddie.

Cmon, I can't believe you researched ACT but didn't research SSW.

I've got the ACT WR gears for my DRZ build which is the 434 BBK, stroker, and 41mm FCR but am having issues getting my (already purchased) parts back from Eddie Sisneros. Have you sent your parts to Eddie yet? Because, seriously, if not I'd VERY MUCH advise against it...


I'm eager to see what it does however, the 15/38 gears I used before still weren't quite enough to get the revs down on the highway. With the extra power, it should be REALLY kickass. :thumbsup:

I don't want to slam the guy, but I would also advise against sending your engine to SSW. I recently had a head rebuild done by him. He told me 2-3 days from his door to back in the mail. Well, it ended up taking 6 weeks. 6 weeks of me constantly hounding him over e-mail. He claims that he first ran out of valve seats and then the box was returned by the post office with a damaged shipping label so he didn't know who it belonged to. Then he started asking me about what parts I sent with the head (everything). I don't know if the stories are true, but even if they are he should have tried to find out who owns the damn box of parts sitting in his shop. I'm more inclined to think that he forgot about my head sitting in a back room somewhere. At least he sent it to me 2 day mail after being at his shop for 6 weeks. I don't think he's a bad guy, just a terrible businessman. I'll listen to his advice because he knows all about the DR-Z, but I'll never send a part in to his shop again.

And another thread turns into an Eddie thread...

Search the DRZ forum for the ACT WR gears, there are some members that are using them and have posted their report on them. I'm tempted to have them installed on my E.

I haven't sent my head yet sitting in my trunk. Was only going to have him do the head work. Never heard anything bad about the guy till now. Yikes who else can I have do the work to the head? And back to the trans....

I've done three ACT installs now....Two users have put many miles on them and LOVED the MOD.

The third has only put a few miles so far ,, but likewise likes it.

Ok sweet. I was wondering if the 620 dollar invest was worth it but it sounds like it will be

Ok sweet. I was wondering if the 620 dollar invest was worth it but it sounds like it will be

The answer is, it depends.


I would search for those that have used and reported back,,,see if the style, type of riding is what YOU do, the motor build is what YOU have then decide. 

I have seen NO Negative feed back on this forum....So I would DO IT...... :thumbsup:

Next full rebuild , I will be slotting one in.....for sure

Dam phone won't let me click on link

Dam phone won't let me click on link


Just do a search on "eddie sisneros is a scam artist sisneros speed works and now steel cycles"

Yeah , the ACT MOD is a no Brainer if you are doing a Full Rebuild .

It is a pricy add on for sure.... and Im not convinced it is a "No brainer" for all users needs.  Nice option for sure, but likely unneeded for how many use the bike.



 And for sure a "Full Rebuild" is not required. Good plan....YES  :thumbsup: Something to be ready for? Always  :thumbsup:   Required? No


An otherwise low hour, fully serviceable motor can have the ACT transmission installed with just top end gasket set, fluids, case sealant and my personal preference of new rings and main bearings. 

Two of the three ACT installs I have done have been just that above .. the third was bigbore kit as well. Which I suggest for the small increase in power I think the ACT NEEDS to be useful.

I run the ACT wide range gears on a fully modded 462. On the street I run 14/41 gearing on 17 inch wheels. At 100kph (60mph) the engine cruises at 4800-4900 rpm. I can't get the engine to redline in fifth, so gearing it taller is a waste of time in my opinion. 14/44 is better on the street. There are massive gains in fuel economy. I used to hit reserve around 180k's last big road ride I did I rode 250k's and still hadn't hit reserve. I also road race my DRZ and most of the time I run 14/41 which is way too tall for all circuits except for Phillip Island. I have read complaints about increased transmission whine but I haven't noticed it. For adventure riders and long track racers I would recommend this mod. The spacing between gears gives a rev drop of nearly 3000rpm between gears. I just had a crank bearing explode so I have split my cases. After 35 pretty hard hours the gears still look good with no wear on the dogs.

This is just my two bits worth, I hope it helps.

I primarily ride around town but may be moving to a bigger metropolitan area and will use for commuting as well. Thanks to all the replies

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