What is the best jetting for 2013 ktm 250sx with fmf fatty and shorty silencer elevation 360

What is the best jetting for 2013 ktm 250sx with fmf fatty and shorty silencer elevation 360

40 nozh 172

Cheers.. What is nozh?

Yeah i read a few wassnt sure tho because of my elevation

It changes with the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, the gas you run, the oil you run, the ratio you run, how dirty your air filter is, the condition of your motor, how many holes you have drilled in your air box, how blown out your silencer packing is.

The list just goes on and on.

A nozh is a KTM needle.

You want the NECJ needle.....by far better than the nozh.


Even better than that is the needle from JD jetting in my opinion.

Cj = lean

Ok try Nedh

I love the NECJ needle. Really cleaned it up on the bottom. The stock main is way to lean I'm running a 172 and it screams. 44:1 mix no spooge. Stock pilot. Elevation around 1000 ft in Pittsburgh PA. Just tried the red PV spring at 1/2 turn out. Love it.

Same here . I've had a 2010 250sx and a friend just bought a brand new 2014 Husky TC250 ( 250sx ) . As the bikes are delivered with the stock needle , it is absolute crap . The brand new Husky TC250 was the absolute worst working bike as delivered I have EVER seen . Completely unrideable . Absolutely swimming in fuel . The cure ?  NECJ #3 , 40 pj and so far , a165mj . Bike went from an unrideable piece of crap , to a ripper . How MXA can suggest that the stock setup is fine is absolutely beyond me .

For those of you that love the Necj I wonder have you tried a Nedw or a Nedh ?

If you are at high elevation disregard.

We ride tight single track here at A. Or Expert A. Speed.......the Necj makes the 250-300 idle up ....ring ....and steam....there is also a loss of off idle grunt.

My 2010 250sx is now a 300sx and I essentially just started from scratch again  with jetting . I tried the N1EI and N1EH ....crap .  WAY too rich . Went to NEDW #3 . Again , WAY too rich . Bike was not crisp at all . Tried NECW #3 . Again , too fat . Not crisp . Just went to NEDJ #3 and this was a huge improvement . Crisp and snappy everywhere . Very nice . This is where I've stopped at this point . This is with a 38pj and the A/S 1/34 , 6.5 slide and 168mj . My bike is used for cross country not MX . I've had the same experience with the 250sx for cross country only with a 40pj . I cannot seem to make the richer needles work well at all . Perhaps if I dropped down to a 38pj but I haven't done that .

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