WR 400/450 infomation.

Hi, i recently bought a wr400 project fitted with a 450 engine and plastics.


Its nearly complete but there is one oil pipe left and i cant figure out where it goes! :(


It goes from the top left side of the oil reservoir built into the frame - but i am unsure where it should go and i am missing the pipe i need!


Perhaps its just a breather/overflow or is no longer needed as its got a 450 engine?


Any information would be greatly appreciated or if someone could check their bike it would be great!


Many thanks,


Is the engine out of a steel frame WR450?  If not the frame tank is redundant, (edit to add) although I'm guessing you know that and it's a steel frame engine since you're asking this question....


My 2005 (steel frame) WR450 has a small rubber hose from the top LHS of the frame tank to the top of the camshaft cover, It's the breather for the frame tank.   If you look in the 450 manual it shows the breather on the camshaft cover - item 13 in cable routing diagram on page 2-23.


Here's a picture of someone elses WR450





If it's a steel frame engine I'd be interested to know how much oil you run in that setup.  The 450's only take 1.1L (with filter), while the 400's took 1.6L I think.  The dipsticks are in a different position - if you put the regulation amount of oil in the 450 engine does it reach the 400's dipstick?  ie Was the extra oil capacity in the frame tank or the cases?

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It's good to know that the 450 engine will fit into the 400 frame.   That question has been asked before.  

Thanks for the reply! I bought the bike with the 450 engine already in place so i am unsure if its a strait swap.


From looking at pictures on the web, the wr 400 only seems to have one oil pipe at the bottom of the frame however the 450 has two (Inlet and outlet i assume) - can someone confirm the 400 only has one at the bottom?


My frame has two at the bottom so I am wondering if this is some sort of modification and the top hole is no longer required - and may need blanking? I also have an oil breather which is the same as the 450 which eliminates that.


As for the oil amount I am unsure at the moment. I guess I just need to fill it up until it shows on the dipstick.

Many thanks,


Hi, i will try and get some photos when I get home tonight.


That link is very useful as I think it solves the problem! I have two oil feed pipes coming from the bottom of the oil tank which it would not have had originally.


I believe the oil line which originally come from the top of the oil tank (Which is shown in your link) is no longer required. 


As I say I will try and get some photos tonight, but imagine it just needs blanking off.


Many thanks,


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