Choke question

First I'll start with thanks to all who have helped me and all the great posts I've read. The Jet change worked wonders on the 05. Starts and idles nice now.  I bought my other son an 06 LE and you can tell it want's more jet. Hell I've even reached down and pulled the choke while full throttle and it responds to it.


Question on the 05 the choke will not stay up on it's own. You have to hold it. I noticed on the 06 I did not have to hold it up. I'm going to go look at parts diagrams but figgure I'd ask since someone has probably fixed this already.



under choke knob barrel nut, 2 little springs and ball bearings fit into detents on cable, mostly they have rusted and got stuck. you need to remove barrel nut carefully because as you un-screw the springs and ball bearings will pop out, keep track of them.

clean and lube, re-assemble you should be good to go.

Thanks, I'll get into it tomorrow. I really appreciate someone who has been there done that.

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