Anyone parting with a cheap kids bike?


My soon-to-be 6 yo daughter has been bugging us for her own dirt bike for quite some time now, and she has basically given us an ultimatum: She either wants a dirt bike for her birthday... or a Barbie Dream House! She is abnormally tall for her age (4' 2") and could reach the ground on anything from a 50 to a 110, but every CL ad in the area seems to have a typo, specifically following the dollar sign. :D My best option at this point is a ttr 90 for $650, three hours away. We just can't swing that at this point.

Does anyone know of, or have a kids' bike that is in a minor to major state of disrepair for cheap? I'm not afraid to delve into a big project like this, as long as most of the parts are there. I just need something to get her started, preferably with an auto clutch, but I won't be choosy.

Please help me keep my little tomboy from crossing over to the dark side of Barbies and princesses!

The pw's are almost too tiny. She sat on one a few months ago and her knees hit the bars. Although I might look into that as a last resort and/or a flip sale. Thanks!

I have an old mx100 yamaha for $400. Actually runs and rides pretty good. Not exactly a powerhouse but perfect for almost every kid in the nieghbor hood.

Dont know where you are but my son is upgrading from his 110 to something larger. Will need a few plastics and autoclutch, but has kick and electric start. I'd let it go for $250.

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