Booby traps in Rampart


Received this via email... but I can neither confirm nor deny it's validity.  Anyone have any additional info on this or seen any signs of malicious activity?  Ride aware!   :ride:


Fellow Riders,
I just received the following information from a friend who rode Rampart today. Nails (2.5” long) and barb wire were encountered on the new single track located south of 650. The booby trap caused 5 flats on 3 bikes and the riders getting out after dark. One rider suffered an ankle injury in a fall due to a flat front tire. The nails were located approximately 0.5 to 1.0 miles before GPS Coordinates: Lat/Long –N 39’ 19’ 19’.5” W 105 degrees 07’ 38.5” Map datum WGS 84. Use caution or avoid the trail all together.




Buncha SAVAGES!!

Not cool at all. :thumbsdn:

Makes you wonder how many other booby traps are out there from the same a$$hole. There are alot of people that bring there kids here as its a great place to learn trail riding. Being a parent myself, that gets my blood boiling!!! Glad nobody suffered any severe injuries. Maybe placed by a local near the trail system??

I say pitchforks and torches!!!!!! We'll hit the closest properties first and fan out from there.......

I think about this a lot. It's an area almost specifically for bikes/quads. Booby traps are just a flash in the pan IMO. It would be hard to keep people off these trails.

BS none the less

And this came in yesterday:




I have been advised that the FS et al have cleaned the area of debris and they say it's good for riding.  They've also taken fingerprints from the nails and are in hot pursuit of the jerks. :)


Here it is folks, couple other guys said they found a couple cables across trails at 717 and not FS cables.




I'll say it again.......A few well placed and inconspicuous game cameras could catch these jerks in the act.

Hey guys, thanks for keeping up with this. If anyone of you were one of the riders or know them, can you have them contact me? Send me a PM here or on KTMTalk?


Sounds like there may be more than one thing happening in the area and were trying to find out if there is a link.

This is obviously the work of either a quad-tard (pissed about single track?), an environmentalist/hiker/mountain biker, a pissed off land-owner, or the dreaded "horse people". I highly doubt they would have risked being caught by placing the traps recently while people could see them, think about how much risk that is (seeing as they obviously had a lot of junk to haul around with the cables, nails, traps, etc.). They probably did this during the winter/spring and they likely came from the Teller County portion of Rampart (south end) because it would have been hard to do it during the winter from the closed-to-full-size-vehicles north end (that'd be one long hike or ATV/dirt bike ride from the north end gate) yet access is completely open from Teller County's south end during the winter...they could have also driven a jeep/ATV all the way to the trail head at Skeleton. The fact that the southern-most trails in northern Rampart AND 717 were both hit seems to confirm their approach from the south. Rainbow Falls lies between the two sites reported thus far. I say the perp is from Woodland Park/Colorado Springs metro area.

What really pisses me off is someone could fall onto that true-to-form booby-trap and be gravely injured or DIE. Whoever did this should have their life ruined.

I have to second the recommendation for game cameras. If I owned any they would be up there right now.

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My bet is the earth-saver type... they've had all winter to walk out there and do this sort of thing. 

Hope this resolved in a timely fashion.

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I don't what people's problem is. Too bad we can't all share the woods

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It's not quad people. They are another form of motorized users that we are not at war with. It's not horse people. They are usually the nicest folks you will ever meet.


it is either enviro-cowards or thrill vandals, just hoping to injure someone and see a report on the news about the injuries they caused.

Are there still incognito weed farms out there? What about those guys trying to keep people away?

Are there still incognito weed farms out there? What about those guys trying to keep people away?

I was thinking it was a weed transplant. 20 years of riding up there never once heard or seen anything like this.

This is why I like riding high altitude. Gets away from the quads and riff raff of the city.

I'll say it again.......A few well placed and inconspicuous game cameras could catch these jerks in the act.


THIS ^^^ is worth repeating and worth doing. Modern cams can last months and months, cost less than $100, and take almost 80,000 photos on a 128GB card.



NOTE: Does anyone really think quad riders would do this? I would be surprised if it is anyone other than bat shit crazy enviromaniacs. You never know until they're caught, but I would be surprised.

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I'll say it again.......A few well placed and inconspicuous game cameras could catch these jerks in the act.


just to figure out who they are.....then I'd deal with them myself.  I'd love to stake out and catch some of these fools.  Lasso and drag them off a cliff

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