Superslyklo and rekluse


Let's all throw in $5 and get him a rekluse clutch

If it saves you from lifting his bike up a cliff on a ride 1 time it's worth it


Let's all throw in $5 and get him a rekluse clutch

If it saves you from lifting his bike up a cliff on a ride 1 time it's worth it


The words we use is only 7% of the communication. Body language and voice inflection account for the other 93%.

I'm reading your post as a cry for help and even more seriously, a way of getting a recluse for yourself

Hey ube,that sure is a goofy photo signature.....looks like  a quad rider :lol:

ps..ube would never have a rekluse or ktm 300

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So I have fire roads slated for the 18th.  I'm gonna take my son out & do the bunny hills.


It wasn't the clutch.  I like the clutch.  The clutch is my friend.


It wasn't the bike. This steaming is nothing.  It only does that when I ride in 1st gear for 50 yards or more.  I tried the cheapo fan & it melted on the radiator.  The heat resistant specialty one is over $100.  I'll deal with the steam.   Somebody once told me it's 90% rider.  :lol:


This getting old sucks.  :facepalm:  I'm still beat & sore!







I went & bought a sixer of that Michelob Amber Bock in bottles.  It sucked.  On tap at the plant was a different beer.

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I was thinking he could use one too....

You would benefit from it....being and older, self proclaimed out of shape does for me. Besides itll give yoh and excuse to ride all the harder lines and laugh at others struggling...

It would surely save the trails from trenching in front of every obstacle...  think of the $5 as a way to give back to the trail system.

Count me in for a 5$ donation lol I talked to superslyko back at the staging area after he was done riding and he sure did look like he was hurting also offered him some Advil gave him my last 3 advils guy didnt even need water to take 3 pills.. I guess it's a part of getting older :/ at least he finished the loop 6 and didn't Sally after going off the side :)

His poor kid is a victim of his wrenching,

I swear I am pist that camera had no sound,

I have never heard such sounds coming from a bike




I want a button.  My next bike will have a button.   :thumbsup:

I got a nice 530 with a big fan I'll sell you.

Never say "beat and sore" in the same sentence..

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