Yay, look what I get to deal with.........

So I bought this bike about a month ago.  Guy told me, aside from the exhaust, it's stock.  Cool.  I needed to replace the chain rail and associated parts all along the swing arm.  Parts ordered and delivered.  It's a beautiful day out today so I get to it.  I took the front sprocket cover off and found this:





You can see how off the splines are from the sprocket to the retainer.




Oh yeah.....unless I forgot how to count, that's a 14T.  I believe stock is 15?

WHat are my options?


Also, is the raised side of the front sprocket supposed to face in or out?

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Well first I suppose you want to determine if your counter shaft is borked. If so you need to split the cases to get at it and replace it which can be time consuming/costly.


As for the front sprocket, yes 15T was stock for the XRL. You can go the OE route or aftermarket, doesn't really matter, but definitely this is the time to pick up an XR650R front sprocket to save those precious splines from any more abuse. 

if the XRR reversed sprocket application is still too loose, Some have welded the the CS sprocket. That's what I plan to do to forego the time and expense of doing an engine rebuild. 

That looks worn, but I seriously wouldn't stress about it. My 93 splines looked about the same when I got my bike.  Buy a xr650r sprocket in the flavor of your choice and run it, clean the splines and re-grease everytime you change your oil. 

Why is the 650r sprocket better whats the difference?

I feel your pain brother! The fecal floater that I bought my bike from told me a similar tale... brand new tires, sprockets chain... blah, blah, blah. Bike needs nothing, blah, blah, blah.

As soon as I get it home, I pick up a 14/48 sprocket set for it, pull off the sprocket cover AND


So... when I get sideways with those of you who talk about welding your sprocket in place, you will understand why.

As I now know, splitting the cases is not really that big of a deal. I have done it twice now... didn't like the way I set up the tranny on the first round, so I pulled it apart over the winter and reworked it.


   Bonus feature... welding a shaft like that will normally melt the seal too,so YAY..self-lubing chain.

Lean the bike up against a wall and zip tie a garden hose just above the sprocket, aimed so it flows down over the case. Turn the hose on low to keep a flow behind the sprocket and over the counter shaft and then weld in short bursts with time in between to cool. I've done this a couple of times with success but only for a short term fix until I could get around to replacing the shaft. Also works for stripped shift spindle splines.

Welp, I put on a new front sprocket and the thing still moves around.  Looks like I might be changing out the CS.



Best thing to do.

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