Sweet $12 bike stand...

Now you can drink five gallons of beer while you adjust you valves! Just think of the time you will save by not having to run to the fridge every time you need a fresh one.

Seriously, it sounds like a nice stand. I would like to be able to easily spin my bike around while its up on the stand. Good idea, I will keep my eyes open for a 5 gallon kegger. Thanks for the tip.

I found a sweet stand at my local liquor store. It is a five gallon keg that is rubber coated on the top and bottom. Perfect height, works perfectly and allows you to swivel the whole bike around 360. All it cost was the 12 dollar deposit, and for 30 more dollars, you can fill it with frosty beer! Seriously though this works good! p.s. it's not a 1/4 barrel, but a five gallon that many microbreweries put their beer in, may be hard to find in some areas. :)

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