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Should I buy a blown XR650R/Rolling Chassis/Frame?

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I am a new owner of a 2001 XR650R Dual-Sport build with a street title and tags. Note: Once you get the bike inspected in MD, you never need to inspect it again, so I will not run into issues with the police/MVA. 


I am thinking of building my XR650R into a totally custom XR650R optimized for heavy road use.

Would like to buy another blown XR650R/an XR650R frame (with title)/rolling chassis (with title) to build as well.

I will be getting knee surgery this fall and plan to work on the bikes over the winter while I can not ride anyways.

Here is my plan:


  • My XR650R: build this bike into a fully-customized XR650R using parts from other motorcycles (CBR and CR/CRF Models). The bike will ultimately be an XR650R frame/engine and everything else will be from other motorcycles/custom-built/aftermarket. Dream dual-sport.


  • Other XR650R: At a minimum, I need an XR650R frame with an MVA offroad title. Finished product should resemble an all-original, refurbished, stock XR650R.
  1. Restore and paint frame
  2. Use stock parts from my XR650R and swap them onto this bike
  3. Recondition all parts back to factory look/finish
  4. Add used parts from ebay and re-condition (if the parts are not coming from my XR650R)
  5. Engine: Will rebuilt engine that comes with rolling chassis/frame (if need be) or buy an ebay XR650R engine and swap it in.


Do you guys think it will be worth the time/money/effort to do this? My dream is to build a fully customized XR650R...but I want to put the stock parts to use instead of having them sit in boxes/selling them all on ebay. This is a way to do that...and one day sell the "other XR650R" to re-coup some upgrade costs for my XR650R. 

Note: I have the time, money, garage space and effort to do this project!!!

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