stock spring rates for 2009 ktm 200 xcw

What are the stock spring rates for a 2009 ktm 200 xcw?  Is the fork 4.2 N/mm (0.43kg/mm) and the shock 66N/mm (6.7kg/mm)?

.40 on the front in the w. 6.6 rear.

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OK, sounds good.  How do you know for sure?  Your name seems like you might be a tuner.  Not challenging you, just want to make sure before I order some springs.  I'm trying to avoid tearing the bike down to check the springs directly since we're riding a lot now.

The springs are not marked.

Have your dealer check the settings list.

You can count coils and take good measurements and plug it into a comp. program and it will give the rate.

Call CSR susp. 800 795 1586 for the correct answer and springs

You agree with Enduro Engineering's chart so I'm convinced.



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