XR650L gearing with 2nd and 5th gear mod

Getting ready to button up the bottom end of the engine and I started thinking about sprockets. I know that conventional wisdom was that going 15/48 is overall a better setup for the pig, but is that still true after adding the 2nd and 5th gear mod? 


Currently my thoughts are to keep it 15/45 for street and 14/45 for offroad as both work with a 110 link chain.

15/45 is really too much for this bike with the 5th gear mod.........even with the extensive engine mods on my bike i couldn`t stand riding it with 15/45.......i wasv shifting all the time on hills at 60mph..


If you plan on really flying down the highway,,alot........then try it...


I went 14/48 and found the rpm about the same as a stock untouched XRL.........maybe a little higher rpm on the highway,,but not very much..........but on the trail the 14/48 is seriously fun,,makes trail work and hopping logs a whole new ball game..




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