Looking to Buy '08 YZ450F

I've been looking at buying an '08-'09 450. My research tells me they made some significant (although subtle) changes to the '08 to improve balance, weight, cornering and steer, as well as overall power, throttle response and smoothness to those models. I'm wondering if there are any known issues with those years that I should look for specifically. Thanks in advance for your input!

No complaints with my 09. It only has around 80 hrs on it but no issues yet. I don't think you would have any regrets if you are looking at one in good shape. Mine has dr.d exhaust and r&d float bowl, it has no bog that some have mentioned.

The one failure of the '08-'09 was the "changes to ... improve ... overall power, ... and smoothness".  They took a little too much out of the low mid range for most people's tastes, although some like it the way it is.  Either way, the problem is easily rectified with a CDI unit from an '06 model ('04 also works) and a decent exhaust system to replace the restrictive "shorty" muffler and its overly fat header.  Engines are much easier to improve than a chassis is, and the chassis is where the '08 - '09 stand out.

personally i would say get a 06 or 10+ something about the 08 is just a lil off.  gray is right its all fixable but mods should be used to make a bike better not right.

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Thanks for all the input! I'll be looking at an '08 tomorrow with some minor mods (full Dr. D, Kibblewhite valves, Pro Taper bar as well as some cosmetic stuff). I'm looking forward to seeing how it runs and handles... As much as I can on a test run, anyway. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Adding to the good input already given and the power....in my opinion the 08 turns and feels like a slightly heavier big bore YZ250F in stock form. I know some off-road guys who absolutely love the power delivery. They have new 450 MX bikes for the track and the 08 Yamaha is their dedicated trail bike when conditions warrant.

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