02 450r tires

Hey guys, i need the new rear tire . I am thinking of going with the Maxis desert .. I only do trails for the most part.... so I was thinking about getting the 120 I just wanted to know if it would fit? has anyone had any experience with this?

120 is awfully wide for these bikes. To start with, the chain side outer knobs will probably get chewed up/off by the chain.


Search the forums, I am certain there is plenty of info on this for you to read and make an educated decision.

It'll fit, but you'll hate it. There's no reason for it either.

110/90/19 Maxxis Desert Cross IT, best tire i ever ran on my YZ250, CR250 and CRF450R.

the 110/90 is plenty wide...in dez i run 9-10psi...on rocky trials maybe 12-14psi. dont know if thats bad or good but i never have any issues with that tire or the psi. 


hell, if i could put them on my truck too i probably would......  :lol:

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Do they last a while? Good for trails?

You can't tell a tires width by the carcass numbers (120/110, etc).

You need to go to the tire mfr's website and get the dimensions.


I have run 110/120/130 on my '08 R and rarely loose a knob....because I use an X-ring chain that is not worn out, and properly measure my wheel distance so the chain does not oscillate


My favorite trail riding tire is the 120/100 Kenda Millville-2 tire. It's like magic.


Maxxiss tires rubber turns hard after they have gotten hot, then the knobs rip off. The tire actually changes durometer permanently after the tire gets hot, then cools down.

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