Lowering the 2003 XR100R

Hello All,

I tried the search and did not get an answer...

please let me know how to lower the XR100R

and if possible the XR80R as well


I did find something about using a DS 80 shock but no years were given and the man that started the thread hasnt been online since 2012 or so


Thank you for your time


You could cut the shock spring or buy a softer spring, your shock doesnt set your ride height, the spring around it does

Thanks for the reply!

Now the next question that begs to be answered,

What is the stock spring rate of the 2003 XR100R

and Bonus

What is the stock spring rate of the 2002 XR80R

I'm not sure on the spring rate, I just know it hella stiff, because of the jacked up geometry of the linkage.  As far as lowing it goes, you probably can do the Aussie lift in reverse.  And also raise the forks in the clamps.  But you can also put smaller wheels on them.  You can put 80 wheels on the 100, and 70 wheels on the 80.  The ticket is a 17" early 80's CR80 front wheel.  Here's a link for the Aussie lift:  http://www.socalxrs.com/aussielift.htm

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