Lowering Linkage

My brother in law just bought a 2014 yzf250 and he is having trouble touching the ground with his short legs.  He was looking at buying a lowering link for the rear linkage.  If he does that, what else needs to be done to balance the bike out?  


Also, are there any brands of linkage you suggest?



You can lower the forks in the triple clamps to level the bike out

Make sure the spring rate is correct. Lowering links have more leverage and the correct spring rate and resetting sag is most crucial. If he's on the border of needing a heavier spring with the stock setup to achieve proper race sag then a lowering link will definitely require a new spring.


As for the forks, there is no 1:1 ratio. Example: 1 inch in back lowering does not equal 1 inch in front. One inch in back (using this as example) will require about 3mm up front for a "balanced" ride. The forks and their taper and bar clearance wouldn't allow for a 1:1 ratio anyway.


Resetting sag and being proper sprung.....if you don't the bike will understeer, wallow, bottom easily and ride poorly all of which are most common complaints from aftermarket link buyers. If you do the bike handles great, gets better traction, is lower and turns a lot easier.

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