RM 250 power valve setting

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the stock setting is for the power valve on an 86 rm 250. I just got a new spring for it cause the previous owner turned it way too many times and tied the old spring in a knot. I tried researching it, but I've heard anywhere from a 1/4 turn to 2 full turns and I'm not sure which direction to turn it in ( I'm thinking probably clockwise.) Any help would be appreciated.  

I would like to the answer to that as well.My spring was the same way,I ordered a new spring 2 days ago,I can feel the power loss,I hope the spring helps the power issue.

I can tell you the stock setting on my 05 is 180 degrees clockwise. That's a lot of years in between though.

Start with a quarter turn clockwise and then adjust after riding. Finally got my 98 figured out after several attempts. Ended up at 180 degrees

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