Don't know what to get..

I've ridden all bikes I'm trying to decide on. But I ride trails, some open fields. I'm 5'10 16yo and 140lbs. I'm looking to trade a 08 400ex I just got. I want a bike!

I got an offer for a clean 06 yz125 and $150.

Or a clean 03 rm250, the yz is mint. Should I get a 125 or a 250?

I've had each but not for a long enough time to decide..

I'm gonna keep this bike till I don't want it anymore(obviously) but should I go 125 or 250?

When it comes to Older Used bikes , condition is very important .

how tall and what is your weight? Not sure how much a 400ex goes for but if it's around 2000 that'd be a fair trade, if not you're getting screwed. If you're riding trails I would get the 250, throw a fww on there and you'll be good.

Sounds like a lowball offer

Sounds like a lowball offer

The 400 is by no means in great shape, and they know that.

But I have a guy wanting to trade straight up for a 08 crf250r

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