'12+ WR450 FI Diagnostics Tool Rental Info Here (Tucson AZ)

Been renting mine.  $40 is average (plus shipping back).  $5 paypal fee.  $15 shipping.  $20 rent.

Been renting mine.  $40 is average (plus shipping back).  $5 paypal fee.  $15 shipping.  $20 rent.


I'm hopeful I can get the paypal fees to zero, by using eCheck for both initial transaction, and refund.  That should cut my costs.


A week's rent is $20.00 for my diagnostic, too. Shipping USPS should be ~15 both ways, and that leaves paypal fees.  Or, just send me a check / MO.


Anyway, it's been sitting on the shelf for a couple weeks,

10 July 14: Tool is out for use, in MI.


Two weeks, for next available window, for rental.

Diag tool is back in the house, ready for next rental.


One week rental and 6.50 shipping, $26.50 total, no paypal fees.


I hope we hear from Ben, and learn how it went for him.

Just sent the tool back to Bob and received my security deposit back. Flawless transaction and the instructions were easy to understand. I turned my CO level up to 8 and was happy with that setting. The bike is equipped with the comp ECU and throttle stop (FMF map), snorkel removed and a Two Brothers VALE7 slip-on. It now hot-starts without hesitation and runs much cooler at slow speeds. Thanks again, Bob!



Tool open for rental?

Tool open for rental?


Sorry, I just saw this.  Yes, it is.  Post deposit to paypal and I'll get it out to you.


It would be best to PM me with any further questions.  I get PMs pretty quick, but I dont monitor this thread.

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