2008 YZ450..... 2006 R1 rims..... Will they interchange?

i have a 2008 YZ450.....  Someone has for sale a set of 2006 R1 rims..... Will they interchange without changing bearings. Anything I should be informed about?


Thanks fellas



He should buy them and let us know how it goes :lol:

I have no idea but the important things are the axle diameter, spacers, disc diameter and disc offset. See what all those are on the 2 bikes and you'll know if you're close.

Very unlikely.

Sounds like a supermoto project, though twin front discs would be a bit OTT.  I always have to remember that on TT 'rim' usually actually means wheel.

  I always have to remember that on TT 'rim' usually actually means wheel.


That's an "Americanism".  Comes from car guys in the fifties and sixties. 

I know guys are using gs 500 wheels on dr650 s. And some of the cbr 250 rr wheels can be made to work on drs too. But drs use a 17mm front axle. I believe 01 r1s came with a 180 rear tire. Doubt you'll be able to fit bigger than a 150 maybe a 160 in the yz swingarm. It would probably take some ingenuity and machineing but you you may want to look at something like some early 90's cbr 600 wheels. Probably more work than it worth though.

We run an Excel 5.0 x 17  rim on a Talon hub in the back of the 04 YZ450 with a 165/55 Dunlop KR393 wet or a Michelin ladder cut slick. There is a little chewing of the tyre caused by chain whip but not too bad for our use, so we haven't bothered with a supermoto chain guide.

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