Honda XR 600 Engine removal advice

So i'm stripping my motorbike for the first time as i want to make a few simple mods, give it a powder coat and get to know the mechanics of it all.



I've got the swing arm, engine and forks left to do, and I'm just wondering if it's possible to get some advice on how i should go about stripping the next few components?


Also anything i should be aware of or any other tips would be really appreciated.


Cheers in advance



I must peak into top end, & there are 3 or 4 seized bolts. I'm thinking of pulling engine to torch up alum & put a rattle gun on for hopes of getting bolts out. BUT any tips for easy engine removal? I thought I read some where, to lay bike on its side, & let gravity help engine out??? If yes, left or right side?

The engine lifts out easily enough once all the peripherals are removed. It is significantly heavy, though. It's actually pretty easy to disassemble the top end with the engine still in the frame.

Had to pull my 600 last week for 1st time. Stripped one of the insulator manifold bolt holes. Removed it and put in a helicoil. After all the fasteners, oil and electrics are removed Slightly tilt the engine to the right and it will slide right out. Took me a few minutes to figure it out. It helps to have someone on the other side of the bike to assist. Had no problem sliding it right back in.

if  you are pulling the engine,,,with everything pulled off the frame,,it is alot easier to lay the frame and engine on the right side..remove the engine mounts and lift off the frame leaving the engine laying`s also easier to put the engine in with less scratches on a freshly painted frame.. 



Thank you all :thumbsup:.  I asked, because my buddy with his XR600 said he had a heck of a time getting engine in. I wasn't there I still wander why?

al;ot of times i`ll build the lower end,then put that in the frame,,then assemble the cylinder and head and valve cover after.i find it`s easier,,and the bike acts like an engine stand holding the block still while workin.. :ride:



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