Whats causing clutch slave cylinder to squeak?

2011 300xc


As described in another thread my chain came off recently and hit the slave cylinder. It scuffed it a bit but no damage that looks concerning. The chain guard was a little twisted and the bolt that goes through the guard and the slave was a little bent. After replacing the chain the clutch would not engage. I pulled the  slave thinking it may be binding up a bit. After reinstalling the clutch is working fine but the slave will squeak if activate the clutch slowly?


Anyone know if this is a sign of a scuffed slave piston or what may be causing it?


BTW , I tried to remove the piston as described in the FAQ's (put the slave in a clear bag and squeeze lever repeatedly until it comes out) but it did not come out. The FAQ's talked about different thicknesses of gasket but mine does not have a gasket so maybe the description is for a different model?

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