Aghh hrips

Hello TT. Well last night I installed a new set of pillow top grips on my bike. It just hit me after the glue was already completely dry that I forgot to cover up the little tiny hole in the throttle tube :facepalm: . Sure enough glue got in the hole and the throttle tube adhered to the handlebar. With a lot of elbow grease I was able to get the throttle tube off the bar. I got all of the glue off the bar so it is nice and smooth again. The problem is I can't get all of the glue out of the throttle tube. I filed the inside of the tube and it helped a lot but not good enough. There is a little bit more glue towards the far end of the tube. Any ideas other than buying a new tube and grips?




1. Use a file or scraper the same diameter as the tube and try to scrape/file the glue out.


2. Use a large drill bit or hole saw to try to get it out.


3. Cut the grip end and throttle tube end off with a razor/hacksaw. Attack the glue from the other side of the tube.

Sorry I am replying so late. I used the drill bit idea and it worked to perfection. Thanks.

If you have a metal rod cut a slot in the end of it with a hacksaw , fold a piece of sandpaper and slide it in the slot , put the other end in a cordless drill and buzz . I polish exhaust ports like that mirror finish  :thumbsup:

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