2001 cr125 antifreeze in engine

So rode today and bike was running fine until I shut it off and tried to start it back up. The bike would not kick over no matter what. So I thought to check and see if I fouled a plug and when I pulled the plug it was covered in antifreeze so I took off the exhaust pipe and it was full of antifreeze does anyone know how this would happen.

Also I have I have been riding for about 3 days this spring and no problems until now

i just replaced my seals on my impeller for the water pump. i have a cr250. if your weep hole is sealed somehome i think that could do it. or it is probably a gasket somewhere. im kinda just winging it...

I would check gaskets.  Make sure sealing surfaces are flat.  Everything torqued to specs?

I will check the gaskets when I get home, and no the bolts aren't torqued to specs which I should have done when I rebuilt it. How would I know if the cylinder or cylinder head isn't warped?

Sorry RBriggi I'm not the most mechanicly inclined person, what exactly is the weep hole

I think he ment warp


Torque your bolts to spec first. Cylinder head and base nuts are gonna be 20 ft/lbs. It's not so much as to ensure everything's tight, but mostly to ensure even pressure all around. You did use new gaskets when you rebuilt it right?

Yes all gaskets are new the do I need to pull the engine apart to get the radiator fluid out I also have extra gaskets should I replace them while I have it apart

The last time I rebuilt the engine I used heat resistant silicone could that have anything to do with it?

the weep hole is on the right side crank case cover. but yeahh sounds like you need to check your head and gaskets.

So what is warped, the cylinder head, or the cylinder itself?

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