Replacing seals go ahead and respring?

Hey guys, I'm about to replace the fork seals in my berg with the wp4cs forks. While I've got everything apart would it be worth it to go ahead and put new springs in? I'm about 200 pounds without gear, but I'm in the process of shedding a few pounds. I read that if going up by more than 2 spring rates you have to revalve as well, is that true?

At 200 you would benifit from heavier springs. And yes that is about correct. Usually 2 spring rates will require some heavier rebound stacks. You can wind the clicker in, but it's a bandaid. Have you got spare shims? You could try adding a few yourself, but from what I've read the 4CS need work anyway so you may want to send them out.

Decided to go ahead and wait on the springs. Got the seals changed today, it was much easier than I anticipated and once I figured the first one out, the second took less than 30 minutes. However I did notice that when I invert my forks I can hear the oil moving around in there, like there isn't enough. Is that normal? I put in the correct amount but I've never noticed that before...

Yes normal

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