Yz 80 won't let me ride it!

So I found a 87 liquid cooled yz 80 in a collapsed shed. I pulled it all apart, cleaned everything up. And when I checked the Tranny, it had clean oil and looked to be in good shape. I added new oil and fuel, it started like a dream! It sits on my stand and goes through every gear without any irregular sounds and revs good. But when I try to ride it it stalls after a couple feet. I'm stumped lol. I would really like to get this thing going again, anybody have any ideas?

Anybody know if I can use a newer carb in an 84 yz 80? I'm having an issue with my needle that sits in the carb slide and seats the main jet. Wondering if they changed anything in the close years because they discontinued the whole carb from that year :( frame is an 87

Yes, you can switch carbs. Just make sure you get approximately the same size.

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