looking for mid-week riders near portland


Intermediate trail rider here looking for others to ride.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are my available days.  

PM sent

what trails?

Hood river, tillamook, nestucca

I might be able to do one next week. Wednesday or Thursday ride, I plan to take off one of those days from work.

I am available both days. I am in se pdx. Did you have a spot in mind?

Hmmm, I may could be taked into a "sick day" here or there. This week and next will be a little hectic though with Memeorial day coming up.


I'm in SE PDX as well and usually do TSF, Hood River or GPNF if time allows.



I like to ride those plus a few others.

I live on the coast and desperately need mid week riding friends! I have tuesdays and wednesdays off for now. I will PM my # so we can arrange for a ride asap.

sorry didn't get back to you... I got overloaded at work... I was supposed to take a day over after working last weekend. Didn't happen when a guy took the week off at moments notice.


Oh well next time. 


I am off all next week and heading to East Fork Rock and then to sisters to ride/camp

Who's headed to china hat?

I'm free after 4pm midweek.  Or earlier if I have notice and can plan ahead with work.

I ride all the areas you mentioned... plus all the ones you didn't :D  

I'm headed to east fort rock the first week of June, 5-8 are the dates.

Mikesbike lets go ride tomorrow!!!!!! Anyone who wants to ride tillamook tomorrow let me know.

Funny I was starting a similar thread and it timed out.

Would love to ride anywhere and have lots of time mid week.

My stats:

42 yo...not sure how that happened?

Intermediate to advanced rider

KTM 250xc bike

Trailer that will haul 3 bikes nicely

Educated, funny, easy to get along with.

Here is a video if riding china hat two weeks ago.


You can just text me 503-828-856 six.

I can ride mid week as well.  Live in Keizer, 52, beginner to intermediate, 2001 CR 250R woods weapon, rekluse, Steahly weight, vforce reeds, jd jetting kit, flex bars, Scott steering damper.  I've been laid up for some time...so will take some rides for me to acclimate back to the bike.

I'm good for a t or th ride after the next 2 or so weeks. Get off work at 130 pm. Want to check out ladee flats with anyone? Or diamond mill ?

I'm familiar with upper nestucca, prison camp area a little, efr. Millican.

Int. trail rider, almost 40. Lol. Makes me laugh. Been off the bike for a solid year due to an injury but I should be good now. Just be easing back into it for the first couple rides.

I'm free weekdays after 3pm and usually ride 2-3 times a week after work! Always looking for people to ride with!

This is a little old, but why not. I'm new to dirt bikes. I just picked up an 03 yz450f. I'm in Hillsboro, looking to meet up and learn. I'm 6'3" 325, which is why I went for the 450. Shouldn't be any worse than my 00 ZX-12R street bike. I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday.

Its never too old. Im off tuesday wednesday and will be on the trails all winter. I live at the beach just west of ya. Congrats on your new to you bike. I just got my endorsement but dont have a bike yet. Maybe we'll be giving eachother advise...

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