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1977 Yamaha DT175 Problems

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I got a 1977 DT175 from a friend for doing a weld job. The bike sat for about a year so I got new fuel, oil, spark plug, and rebuilt the carb. The bike fired the second kick. I have been riding it around making sure everything is good because I want to ride it on the street. The bike runs great but after I ride it for a while the bike will just die and after it cools down for a few minutes it will start again. The other day I rode it to the gas station to fill up (about a mile away) and on the way home I was going about 55mph and the bike died again. I pulled in the clutch to coast the bike to a stop like I usually do but the clutch just stopped working or something because the back tire locked up. Now the bike won't go into neutral at all but still shifts and the clutch engages a little (you can feel a difference while pushing it) but doesn't work like it should and just free roll. The bike has good compression. I just really don't want to have to pull the bike apart if I don't have to.

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