Buy a 250 Two Stroke?

I've been on the fence since last year, but now its driving me nuts. I currently have a 2005 YZ125. I can ride it fairly good, and I'm very comfortable on it. My goal is to buy a brand new bike, or at least pretty damn close. I want to stick with 2 strokes (personal preference.) I had the idea to put a 144 kit into the bike over the winter, and go on from there. I also have been thinking about getting a 250 2t. I love the 250's power, but it can be a handful. I'm only 17 years old and weigh about 140lbs. Thanks for any feedback!

buck forty? Enjoy your 125 while you still can unless you're racing then maybe something else. 

Definitely get a 250. My my 16 y/o son moved to a yz250 last year and has loved it. He was about 140lbs also at the time. We did the 125 to EG144 and it seemed like a wasted step. Granted the 144 made for a great 125 machine but still nothing compared to the 250. 





Setting up the suspension to suit your weight will make the 250 easier to ride .

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