I don’t know.

Standard Keihin (i.e. PWK) jets will work in the Yamaha CR (’00 and newer YZF/WR) as far as the main and pilot go. Needles and everything else are different.

Yes, your cr250 jets will work, mine did. also I shot you a personal responce back regarding you question on Jetting the Thunder Alley pipe. If you cant get it I'll shoot it again.


I'd like to hear the discussion about jetting the TA pipe. I'm seriously thinking about getting one.

Also, I got an email from Bob who said they made a conscious effort to tuck the pipes in a little bit more to avoid the melting plastic thing. What was interesting is Bob said it only happens with a certain version of side panel.



Will my cr250 jets work with the 2002 426 carb.

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