11-13 350 sx/xcf and/or 2013 250 sx/xcf Rekluse 2.0 kit 4 sale

Rekluse 2.0 Full kit with the hydro slave cylinder adjuster. This is the entire 2.0 kit and only has 30 hrs on the clutch. I sold the bike and buyer was old school and didn't want the clutch. Nothing wrong with it. According to the Rekluse website it fits the following bikes 11-13 350 sx/xcf and/or 2013 250 sx/xcf. PM me for more info.






Figured someone on here would see this better than an add in the for sale section.

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Idsmokeu, just to give u a heads up and i c nothing wrong with posting stuff forsale in this forum, but the moderator really thinks its the end of the world. If they would make the classafied section like the old sty Lle u have a chance at selling your stuff, atleast in here people look. Best of luck with your sale

anyone know if this will fit a husky FE350 ?

anyone know if this will fit a husky FE350 ?

Yes, the Husq. bikes use the KTM motors. Also per the Rekluse website is states they all fit.





 KTM 350 SX-F/XC-F/XCF-W/EXC (11-14)

 KTM 250 XC-F/SX-F (13-14)

 KTM 250 XCF-W (2014)

 Husaberg 350 FE (13-14)

according to Rekluse I need a RMS-7785C or D not a RMS7788 for the husky

according to Rekluse I need a RMS-7785C or D not a RMS7788 for the husky

you are correct. I just saw that was for the slave cylinder. I don't know what is different about them. They use the same motor.


From cycle News "The new white, yellow and blue Huskys are essentially a mixture of Husaberg and KTM. For example, the Husky’s get Husaberg’s top-of-the-line WP 4SC closed-cartridge forks and polyamide subframes and KTM’s XC-W chassis - but with linkage rear suspension - and KTM-built motors. None of the new Husky’s (except the TC 85) have KTM’s PDS rear suspension system, which KTM still uses on its “W” off-road line."

husky has the DDS clutch, whatever that means

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