Info on National Vintage MX and Hare Scramble @ VDR May 17 & 18?


I see there is a National Vintage MX at Valley Dirt Riders, Berthoud, CO May 17 & 18.

I'd heard that there might be a 1 hour hare scramble on the 17th.

Does anyone have more details about the race start time?

This race is a blast. My buddy has done it on his 05 CRF450R the past couple years. he talked me into it last year. It is great to see all the old bikes and it's amazing how fast some of those guys are on them too!


They have many different classes depending on the year of your bike, size and experience.


They do the Hare Scramble on Saturday and motocross on Sunday. It was an hour last year. You can check more info our on Berthoud's website and the local vintage national


I would be there, but a tore ACL takes me out for the rest of the summer. I can at least get out and watch until surgery later this month

I just happened to be there last year and decided to ride when one of the organizers asked me.  Its a dead engine start...unfortunately he didn't mention that!  I was just sitting there in the line up suddenly everyone takes off! What the @!@#$%!! KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK ugh KICK KICK and I am off.  Then I cant seem to get by a guy on 1972 Honda without giving him the 450 roost of death.  It was all in the back flat areas, none of it on the track.  1 hour race.  I think I will pass this time.  Pete needs a regular harescramble this summer.  Missed too many of the winter ones this year.

OK... I've scoured both websites and can't find any details on the race schedules...

Next stop, the VDR Facebook Page. 


THANKS!  I see the 1 hour Hare Scramble is supposed to start at noon on Saturday, May 17th

I plan on riding both days. I've done a few hare scrambles at this point, but never any MX races. I'm looking forward to doing my first moto!

Gotta say, yesterday's 1 hour Hare Scramble was a blast!  We only ran on the back section and the dirt was incredible.  A few muddy spots, but over all a great race.

It was also a lot of fun seeing some of the vintage bikes that some of the racers that come in a day early...

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