2008 yfz450

I have a 2008 yfz450 with the following mods. And the quad has close to maybe a little over 100 hours and has been ridden hard, but has been well maintained. When should i replace the clutch assembly and have the motor rebuilt? I was thinking it should be done soon but it's running fine. Any help would help thanks!

Clutch life varies with the habits of the rider, but you will notice if it was slipping. Yamaha makes a tough engine with a reliable valve train, so a simple compression test will tell you the condition internally. The first sign of valve wear is hard starting, so if it starts fine, you are most likely OK.

Good maintenance goes a long way to long engine life. The easiest thing to do is keep the air filter clean.

Thank you

+1 to NY. Have a comp test and check the valve clearances, and if everything checks out keep on keepin on.  You could also have a leak down test done.  As long as the clutch isn't slipping your ok.  You will know when you need to change it.  You will feel it start to slip.  If it hasn't been changed in 100 hours it couldn't hurt to just replace it now.  If you do it now you don't have to worry about it in the near future. 

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