what bike should i get?

hi im 16 yrs old 5,11 150lbs I cant decide what bike is worth the money im kind of on a budget but my choices are 125 2 stroke, or 250 4 stroke please help??

Can you get a ride on both bike's, your size and weight is perfect for both, it will come down to personal preference. 125 is cheaper and a lot of fun, actually, I think everyone should own a 125 two stroke at some point in their life just to get their smile on.

I'm in the same situation and I'm coming off an '03 kx85

Got a chance to ride a 250f the other day and I was just blown away at how effortless clearing the jumps at my local track is on the bigger motor

But 2T's are insanely fun and a lot cheaper to maintain/rebuild

Im about the same height and weight as you. I just bought a 2007 Crf250r for my first bike like 2 weeks ago. It is a lot of power but you will get used to it. You just have to get used to the bike so be very careful your first couple times riding. Crack the throttle in a open field so you feel the power you have and how it handles. Its pretty scary how much power you actually have so you have to respect it. But it really depends on what kind of riding you will be doing. Tight trail riding is kind of hard on it but if you are a proficient rider, you don't need anything more than a 250. If you are gonna be in sand, its perfect for it. If this is your first dirtbike, id suggest a 4 stroke. They are easier to learn on. 2 strokes you hit a powerband and you fly. Good luck!

Pick the bike in the best condition .. The 125 would be good

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