Longer shifter?

Currently my bike has the oem shifter. The thing is way to small and wicked uncomfortable for my size 12 boot. I know Hammerhead makes the +10mm shifter but its $70. Before i buy it i want to know if there are any other shifters that are longer than stock for a smaller price. Please let me know.

Not that I could find, Buy the hammerhead, it's a great unit!

Another vote on the hammerhead from me, it is worth every penny. But get the +15 or +20, +10 isn't enough for a 12 sized boot.

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I used to think the Hammerhead were good too but after some recent trouble I've put the stock shifters back on my son's bike. One kept, what we thought was bending every time he rode. It always ended up rubbing the case cover. I decided to inspect it and it took 10 minutes just to remove it. Once I got it off I saw that the grooves inside weren't necessarily worn but "wavy". They were not in a straight line. After removing the one from our other bike I found the same thing to a lesser degree. The older one was the better of the two. I'd say the worst one is 6 months old the other a year or so. Don't know if anyone else makes one though. You may have to get used to it.


We also just broke a rear brake pedal and I had ordered a Hammerhead. Just cancelled and ordered stock.

Sounds like you had them loose on the shifter shaft. You need to periodically check and tighten the clamp bolt.

I have a 01 CR250 and had the same problem with an 11 boot. I was able to bend the shifter a bit until it fit perfect with my boot. 

Torc1 and PitPosse sell the same items with a different name stamped on them for much less.

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